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Where to find the girl you love once and for all

Even the most perfect-looking guys sometimes have trouble finding a girlfriend. The reasons are different, but the result is equally depressing. In any case, in a world of more than seven billion people, there are plenty who might be right for you. Don’t despair if you want to meet a woman but are not yet successful. I tell you what to do if you want to find a girl, where to meet a good and beautiful girl and how to find a girl online.

The best places and ways to find girls
Men often come to me with a recurring list of questions:

If I can’t find a girl, where do I get one?
What do I do if I want to find a girl? Where do I go?
Where and how do I find a woman to talk to?
Where can I find a free girl to meet?
Where can I meet a normal girl right now?

The problem does not seem to be losing its relevance. I will answer these and some other questions with an article that will explain everything.

The first thing to know is what kind of girl you want. As long as you don’t have an exact idea about it, you won’t be able to find the right one. This is a matter of psychology: understand what kind of person you are and what your priority is in a girl specifically for you.

Leave your hopes of finding that very ideal – a girl who makes a lot of money herself, runs a household, takes care of you, and is a career woman with many interesting hobbies, who has a lot of free time and a love of adventure. If she does exist, she obviously doesn’t care about you. And most likely, you do not need all of these parameters.

Think about what exactly you want from a girl. Romance, caring, clean house or wild adventures? Often these things are incompatible.
Think about what areas of life you are able to provide for yourself without the participation of women to choose a girl who will complement you.
Try to imagine her basic character traits, only those that are really important to you.
Leave the rest to chance – otherwise it will take many years to find the exact embodiment of your specific fantasies.

Prepare to be flexible: you only need to know what kind of girl she is by nature, what she is good at, and what is important to her. You have to be able to flirt and girls like you.

The rest you can change, adjust, choose. This way it will be easier and faster to find a girl to meet.

When you finish this “stage of psychological preparation”, think about where a man – that is you – meet a girl. Here it’s important to include logic: unlikely you will find an introverted housewife in a club or bar. Go there for the wild party girl, when you want your whole life to be like a party or a holiday. For an extreme lover, it is better to go to dangerous sports or at least to a camping trip.

Use interest clubs: Think about what the girl you’re looking for might be into and enter the right hangout. If you want a quiet and homely girl, you might find her in a literary club, for example, or in a master class on cooking – they are now held in almost every city. A traveler is more likely to find herself in a language course.
Getting acquainted with the girl, do not emphasize the fact that you hoped to find your ideal exactly where you found yourself. Let it not look like an insidious elaborate plan – why scare her? 🙂 Act naturally.
When you meet the right girl, make sure you’re not miscalculating and that you’re really looking for someone of that type. It might take more than one girl to be sure. But after two or three you will know for sure if you were right or wrong, and you need to reconsider.
It is not unreasonable to figure out whether the girl you are looking for needs a guy like you. If she takes care of the household and spends most of her free time at home, you may be happy that someone will take care of you and cover the economic sphere, in which you, say, are not strong. You’re a party person, though, and you don’t want to change that. Will she be interested in you? You probably won’t spend much time together.
If you work in a regular position and don’t plan to advance in your career, will a career-minded woman with a passion for development be interested in you? She’s more likely to look out for someone more motivated.
As you can see, as much as half of the work when looking for a girl is inner work, working with yourself, finding guidelines, and making a plan.

Where to meet a girl in real life
When you’ve thought of everything and done the work on yourself, it remains to figure out where to meet the girl you love. There is a theory about this in the previous paragraph, but here we will try to consider the question more specifically.

Clubs of interest. The case when you want to meet a like-minded woman who will be into the same things that you like.
Gyms. If you are looking for a girl with a good figure or one that pays a lot of attention to health. And for sure she cooks good healthy food 😉 in addition, at the gym by the makeup and neat hairstyle is convenient to distinguish girls who came there just for dating.
You can try to get acquainted while jogging, swimming or doing other sports, but it is not always convenient. And in winter, a skating rink would be a great place to meet.
Bookstores and reading. First, it is a filter for intellectuals, and secondly, by a person’s literary tastes it is easier to predict his character and views.
At meetings with board games. Tabletop games are a great invention, which in one evening from strangers makes a well-established company, which has something to talk and joke about. Usually at these game nights are open to dating people who like something unusual. So there is a great chance to find a great girl just there.
Workshops and training courses. A very flexible resource for searching: there are cooking, dancing, sports, and intellectual courses. Choose what’s interesting to you and meet some girl there. Think about what would interest the girl you are looking for, and go out on the “hunt” 🙂
At concerts. Not only can common musical tastes bring absolutely different people together, but at concerts, this magic is enhanced by the specialness of the moment. Everyone is more energetic, more open and sensitive there than at other times. And the girl you meet there will immediately see you as a like-minded person: it’s nice to have something in common, even before you get acquainted.
In the store. Preferably cosmetics or household products. It’s very simple: come up with a puzzled, miserable face, complaining that for the past hour you can not choose a perfume or pan, and ask for help. Most likely, she understands the issue, and while you choose can and get acquainted.

How to Find a Girl on the Internet
Many people wonder where they can find a normal girl. Just in our rating it is convenient to choose the best sites for finding a partner – and for hot joint nights, and for serious relations, and for simple communication. Check out the dating rating – we’ve covered everything there in detail 🙂

It is worth using large and popular sites with a lot of users – so the chances of meeting the right person are higher. Do not forget that no one is immune from mistakes, and a couple of dating will surely end in failure.
First of all, consider dating sites: they are convenient because you can specify parameters of the person you are looking for: from interests and hobbies to the purpose of acquaintance and appearance.

Often it is possible to find out the most important things about a person before he or she even meets her. The main advantage of these sites is that you can get to know the person, look at him and only then decide if you want to get to know him. This allows you to view many profiles and choose the most suitable person for communication. Try your hand at the Tinder dating site.

But dating services and applications are not the only resource:

Use social networks and forums as analogues of hobby clubs.
Look for chat groups you like and message active followers you think you like.
Write and pay compliments to girls you meet online by chance – who knows how such a story might end up 🙂
Communicating online requires less emotional resource and helps make dating more convenient and safer. Most likely, you won’t make a full impression about the person until you see him, but you will communicate with him beforehand and decide if you need to devote time to him.

Many couples get to know each other online, and often these stories of relationships end up in happy marriages.

We have a marriage dating rating where you can find your future spouse. It was hard to assume that a couple of decades ago, but now it is a reality, and not even isolated cases. When dating, count on your comfort, strengths and weaknesses.
How is it more comfortable for you to get acquainted: online or in reality?
What do you most often say to a girl when you meet her?
What kind of girls are you attracted to?
Share your opinions in the comments!

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