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What to write to a guy to get acquainted: the theory of an effective start

Preparatory Work: Before You Write
Before you prowl the expanse of the dating site, check if everything is okay with your virtual face – a questionnaire, which, as the right dress, should emphasize the advantages and hide the disadvantages. We’ve already dealt in detail how to fill out a form for a girl on a dating site to leave a clear, concise and vivid impression of yourself. Read on.

Clean yourself up – with the vigilance of a pathfinder look at the profile of the guy you are going to, desperately sparkling eyes, write to. Know your enemy. Any profile on the dating site, except for the empty, provides a lot of useful information. In particular – answers the question of what words to write a guy first. Cling to the kindly provided information.

What to write to the guy you like: setting goals
While you are puzzling over what you can write to a guy, let me ask you this question: is setting goals an important condition for success? And the answer is yes. A goal is an arrival point. A goal is a clearly articulated desire. Having defined the goal, you look for (and usually find) the means (words) to achieve it. Without a goal, you go somewhere and end up somewhere. It’s like in the fairy tale of Alice.

  • Tell me, please, where do I go from here?
  • Where do you want to go? – Puss answered.
  • I don’t care – said Alice.
  • Then it doesn’t matter where to go, – remarked the Cat.

Do not be Alice. Set clear goals. Be aware of why you spend your precious time on dating sites. Looking for a partner to do what? For example – to go to galleries, to have tantric sex, to create a social unit. For each purpose, a different manner of communication. By the way, what is the manner of writing first. I’m sure you’ve already asked yourself this question a hundred times.

Why it is important to write first: benefits of the initiative
Contrary to the stereotype that “the first step should be made by a man”, writing first on dating sites is a commercially profitable activity. First of all, there are very few girls who “write first” and the attitude toward them is as reverent as toward rare precious metals. Secondly, you get the opportunity to choose among ALL, not among those who wrote to you (admit it, more than 90% of those who wrote – guys of low social demand). Third, it’s a useful skill in every sense – taking rather than waiting. Once you’ve mastered it on dating sites, you can use it everywhere.

It’s important to put a good photo on your avatar. Guys always pay attention to your appearance: is your hair clean and neat, fresh complexion. Therefore, and choose will be on a photo. It is not necessary to apply a ton of makeup, but to disguise the black eye, to emphasize the advantages, to nourish the skin – very important. To avoid unnecessary cosmetic manipulation without hitting the wallet, make use of promotions and discounts. In Rive Gauche, the largest store of cosmetics and perfumes, there are regular promotions, you can buy cosmetics from famous brands at an affordable price.

What to write to the guy first: simple ways to impress him
Now dip your pen in the inkwell and write. And although the banal “Hello, how are you”, said the lips of a woman, loses its washiness and acquires a fresh flirtatiousness, it is worth to rack your brains, not just to snag the attention, but to make a lasting impression. This is easily done with a compliment.

The power of a compliment
Quite strange that so few women take advantage of a simple way to please any man on the dating site – to compliment him. A compliment should be easy and relevant. Leave the eloquence of the times of the Egyptian pharaohs in the bins of your rich spiritual world. “Your eagle’s eye pierced my quivering heart” – something like that will at best cause a smile, and sometimes it may offend the interlocutor.

Men like it when their tribal advantages are emphasized – sexuality, strength, will: “I’ve never met such expressive biceps!”, “Who gave you such an amazing smile?”, “I want to make sure that handsome guys are interesting conversationalists. Will you help?”, “I don’t know what’s more in you – magnetism or romance, but you’re definitely not like the others.” Praise those virtues that exist in reality, not ghostly. Telling a subtle boy about his biceps is merciless, to say the least.

Common denominator.
You can approach it from a different angle. Like a jumping-off point, to start from the general points. “Hi! I saw your photos from Tbilisi. I am planning to go there now. I want to ask you some questions about the city and your impressions. Do you mind?”, “I go to that park a lot too, but I’ve never seen you. How could I have missed it?”, “Is that gorgeous Doberman yours? I’ve always wanted to get a dog. Is it true that Dobermans, contrary to popular belief that they are aggressive, are friendly and peaceful?”

Life Facts from a Psychologist
To feel confident in any situation, not just on a dating site, take the following tip. You don’t know how to start or maintain a conversation – ask questions. First, you will save the interlocutor from the headache of what to say, so that the conversation flowed as a babbling brook. Secondly, the question form of communication will emphasize your focus on him.

Do you want to know when you will find your love? And what the future holds for you? There is a sure-fire remedy – Tarot divination. The first consultation is free. Reveal all the secrets and do not waste time on useless dating!

Phrases for dating a guy on the Internet: TOP 100
To continue the conversation about women’s initiative – a lot of examples on the theme of “do not sit like a red maiden, and write first”. Here is what you can write to a guy not to cross the fine line between light flirting and indecent behavior.

I am a journalist. I’m doing a survey for a dating site. Can I ask you a few questions? The first one is, how do you feel about girls who meet first?
I’ve read that a person needs 70 muscles to smile. I suggest you start pumping them right now. Smile and let’s get to know each other!
I’m picking out some cufflinks for my dad. Can you give me a hand? Such a stylish young man should know his way around these things.
What kind of ties are in fashion these days? I have to buy a present for my brother, and I know about ties like I know about screwdrivers.
Do you know what an electric shock is? That’s what happened when I looked at your picture.
You look like the guy I saw in my dream the other day. Except he wasn’t alone, he was with a white horse. Isn’t that you?
Can you tell me how to change the plugs/oil in “any make of car”?
I clicked something on the computer keyboard and everything went out. What would that be?
Do you really think the Internet is the place to start a serious relationship?
Why is such a spectacular guy looking for a girlfriend on the Internet? I’m sure in real life girls follow you around in droves.
I want to make sure that a handsome guy can be an interesting conversationalist. Can you help me?
You’re like a wild animal– bold, smart and feisty. And yet I think I can tame you.
I want to ask you one question – what can you write to a guy you like?
Why so thoughtful in the picture? Don’t be sad. Life is amazing. If only because there is me.
I want to watch a movie tonight. Can you recommend something? You seem to know a lot about movies and more.
I wonder what book you could recommend. I can’t choose, and you have the look of a well-read young man.
I like this park too (town, horseback riding). I wonder what else we have in common?
It’s amazing how an ordinary photo can convey so much emotion.
I’ve never met a man with such a deep gaze. I am impressed.
So much mystery in those beautiful eyes. Will you share one of them with me?
Before I saw you, I only read about alpha males in magazines.
You have that look, as if you embrace them. Immediately it becomes warm.”
That look … Seeing him, it does not matter any more neither income, nor education, nor the presence of bad habits.
You look great. Is it an innate sense of taste or do you follow trends?
Hi. I’ve been looking all over for you. And here you are.
I saw your profile, and now I have one question…
Is it just me, or were you really in some kind of movie?
I guess girls often invite you for a walk in the registry office?
Tell me, how do I get one charming guy to like me on this dating site?
What do you think is more important for a girl – to be beautiful or smart? Which do you prefer?
How do you like the news that “the plot of the latest news (for example, the ruble exchange rate has fallen drastically)”?
Do you believe in love at first sight, or prefer a long look around?
I wonder if such a romantic young man listens to the voice of the heart or reason?
Do you think you should make decisions based on intuition?
Name your favorite movie. Maybe that’s the one I’ll watch tonight.
Have you ever been told that you make a lasting impression on girls?
You’ve probably been told a thousand times that you’re handsome. But it’s nice to hear for the first thousand times, isn’t it?
I was invited to my uncle’s birthday party. Can you tell me what to get him?
The guys are good with technology. Maybe you can help me pick out some headphones/player/phone?
Do you think love is relevant or already a relic of the past?
If you happened to be a woman for a while, what would you do first?
Could you call me on my cell phone? I’ve lost it, I can’t find it.
If you had a time machine, where would you want to go?
Do you like bursting bubbles on a wrapping bag as much as I do?
Are you seriously considering this site as a resource for finding a girlfriend?
I wonder if a serious man like you has ever done anything reckless?
And what brings you here?
Want me to cheer you up?
Aren’t you the boyfriend of my dreams?
How do you feel about women’s initiative?
Why do men like stupid girls?
How long have you been stealing women’s hearts?
Your smile makes me lose my sanity.
You look like a thoroughbred cat. It makes me want to pet you.
The sky, the tree, the supermarket wall…. What do you see out the window?
I have a problem with my eyes. I can’t tear them away from your profile.
Hi. I need a man’s opinion on something. Can you help me?

Oh, you’ve been to “city/place name”? How did you like it there?
Let’s skip the formal part of getting to know each other and move on to the more important part.
Shall we get acquainted, or shall we silently browse each other’s profiles?
I have a feeling you didn’t know how to hit on me when you looked at my profile. So I thought I’d help you out.
I thought for a long time about the best way to start, but I decided not to make it hard. Let’s get to know each other without the nerdy clever words.
How about a casual conversation?
What do you think we have in common?
We have our strengths, but what about our weaknesses?
I’d like to know more about you than just your name.
I wonder what’s behind that beautiful facade.
You have an X-ray look. I guess you can’t hide anything, can you?
You have a gorgeous look. Now it’s your turn to compliment me.
Could you explain to me one of the rules of the road?
I’m a guest from the future and was sent to a “dating site” to make your life better and happier.
I’m writing an article about web dating. Can I ask you some questions?
I’m writing a book on how to meet a guy. Interested in your independent opinion.
Your presence here turns other guys into a faceless mass.
You give the impression of a fortress in which to find shelter and feel safe.
Young man, you have wounded my heart, and now you owe me medical attention.
I promised my cat that today I would meet the handsomest guy on the site.
They say initiative is punishable, and at the same time, it’s better to regret what you did than what you didn’t do. Shall we get acquainted?
You don’t need a blanket with a man like that. You’re so warm!
I’m embarrassed when you look at me and don’t write anything.
Would you like to take me to a cafe one evening?
Young man, can you tell me if you like me?
Would you take me out of the labyrinth of loneliness?
I’m drowning, looking into your eyes. Save me!
So that’s what a magnetic look is…
I’ve never seen such expressive cheekbones.
Is it true that all men are polygamous?
I could go to a desert island with you.
What attracts you most to girls?
Tell me, what’s the difference between a screwdriver and a drill?
If tomorrow is the end of the world, what would you do today?
I feel like you’re different. I want to understand why.
Do you think money can buy happiness?
Did you know that breeding in space is impossible?
I had a dream about Freud today. What do you think that would mean?
They say the trainer’s wife gets sugar after good sex!
Do you also think that women’s logic is disabling to men’s psyche?
I wonder why men shake the gun in the tank after filling up the car?
And what happens if you hit the gas and brake at the same time in the car?
I wonder, do you – fold or throw your socks away?
What then: how to keep his attention and interest
In principle, to attract the attention of a guy on a dating site, you do not need a lot of intelligence. It is enough to look nice and unobtrusive initiative. But that interest did not evaporate at the speed of boiling water, keep the temperature right.

Don’t expose an acute need for communication and excitement about its absence. “Where have you gone”, “Why don’t you write”, “I’m waiting for your answer” – phrases of defeat.
Talk mostly about him–everybody likes to be talked about. Talk, but don’t talk too much. Don’t act like a Real Madrid fan if you don’t know what a penalty kick is.
A good throw-in is to ask for help. Men like women who ask for help. It makes them feel masculine and intelligent, that is, to feel superior. “Choosing a lawnmower for my father’s birthday – what do you think, Makita or Husqvarna is better?”, “Presented (the name of the game), but I can not pass the seventh level! You’re a cool gamer. Help me out!” (if he’s a cool gamer).
Remember that communication for the sake of communication makes no practical sense if the purpose of your stay on dating sites is not to stretch your thumbs. As soon as you are sure in the adequacy and safety of your partner, go to the real world. Everything interesting happens there.

Bottom line: 5 important rules for interesting and effective correspondence
And while you’re here and not there, download the basic rules (there’s nowhere without rules) of interesting and effective correspondence into your unconscious.

Rule 1: The main thing is to get started.
The first rule of communication on a dating site is to start a conversation. We found out that there is no problem what to write a guy first. You can indicate your interest with a trivial “Hello”, feeling the ground, whether your partner goes for contact or likes only blondes (when you are brunette). Or go to a higher level – compliments and immersion.

Rule 2: Be informative.
Literary talent is an advantage, but without the right stuffing, a sense of language is irrelevant. Men are a different audience. They don’t like pretty quotes. It’s not how, but what to write a guy to interest him that matters. Be a brilliant conversationalist. Here’s a recipe from Liza Kirk: “A gossipy guy is someone who talks to you about others, a nerd is someone who talks to you about himself, and a brilliant conversationalist is someone who talks to you about you.”

Rule 3: Be correct.
His background does not concern you yet. Questions about financial status, number of divorces, hemorrhoids in the anamnesis hold back. At this stage of dating, you don’t look at skeletons in the closet. You can interrogate them later. For example, before you go to the Mendelssohn march to a brighter future.

Rule 4: Don’t turn half on.
As soon as you include “half” who misses, suffers, and in any other way shows its inferiority without it – no way. Word forms that emphasize your inferiority against his importance, forget like a bad dream (“I miss you”, “I miss you”, “You have become the meaning of my life”). And without esotericism (“Fate itself has brought us together”).

Rule 5. Keep an intrigue
About himself is better not to talk – give a brief answer to his questions and cover the veil. Watch for a halo of mystery. Do not be a shirt-boy and the soul of the open. It’s interesting to get to know a mysterious stranger.

What to write to a guy, examples we suggested. They are enough to demonstrate your originality and psychological maturity. Except that theory without practice is not worth a dime. So right now, choose a dating site, register a profile and start exercising. Good luck!

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