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The best topics of conversation with a guy: in correspondence, on a walk, on the phone

Sometimes there are awkward pauses in communication: it doesn’t matter if it’s an old acquaintance or someone you’ve seen for the second day. There is nothing wrong with them, and they happen to everyone. But in order not to get lost in such moments and to bring acquaintance to new levels, you need to know quite a few things:

How to strike up a conversation if there’s nothing to talk about
how to maintain a dialogue
what to say when we meet
what to discuss online
what to talk about on the phone.
I tell you about each case and share examples of topics for conversation with a guy you like.

What to talk to a man about
Usually it is not difficult for good-looking people to find a common theme for a dialogue. But sometimes this system fails: when the person is still poorly acquainted, or when the occasions floating in the air have exhausted themselves.

At such times, it is time to discuss each other’s past and plans, hobbies, views, and positions in life. These are personal conversations that can touch on something really important, but it is not necessary to delve into the maze of personal differences.

Another option is to create a topic artificially, on your own. Noticing something around or going through something together to discuss it later. You can start talking about recent events or mutual acquaintances, but there is a great risk of turning to gossip – and that’s not the best way to go about it. Even if it’s interesting, the conversation will turn out to be “empty.”

Sometimes it’s important to just start a conversation with a guy, ask him interesting questions, and then the dialogue will complete itself. If you don’t know how to do this, use one example:

“I recently read that…”
“You won’t believe what happened to me the other day!”
“I found out something, and it just keeps bugging me.”
“You know what I’ve been up to?”
“I want your opinion.”
“I need your advice about…”
“Do you think I should…”

Why it’s important to have conversations with a guy
Conversation is the engine of relationships. Without speech we could not make contact, and only through face-to-face conversations, through pleasant conversations alone with a new guy or a man we love, can we truly get to know each other. Then to the methods of rapprochement will be added and shared experience, but in the beginning everything will be decided just by talking. It is important to understand whether you like the way your chosen one talks, like his stories. It is through conversations you will find out his views, find something in common and something that is not like you at all.

Get to know the guy better and strike up a conversation will help board games. We recommend that you buy a game “for two” to have fun, learn something new about your partner and add fire to the relationship, because the games can be quite spicy. Our personal shopping list for couples: “Do you dare?”, “In Love”, “Adult Tower”. Spend your evening unusually and your partner will definitely remember it for a long time!

Before the conversation, it is difficult to draw any conclusions about the person and whether you want to communicate with him or her. And vice versa: a conversation can dramatically change your initial impression. So guys who don’t seem cute at first can charm you in a few minutes of conversation. And interesting-looking men are not the ones with whom it is pleasant and interesting to talk.

A simple conversation on a walk is one of the most convenient ways to get information. Both verbally and non-verbally. Express emotions and feelings to the person and get the same from him, to make contact.

As a basic form of communication, conversation has become a convenient tool for whatever it is:

getting a good feeling,
new information,
to refute or confirm conjectures,
manipulating and changing relationships.
For romantic relationships, it is the easiest and therefore the most obligatory way to develop the following qualities:

familiarity and intimacy,
showing attention,
to make pleasing,
meeting each other’s needs.

What to talk about with a guy you don’t know
Strangers are often intimidating: you want to approach, say hello, communicate – but how? There is a reason to be timid, but there are also trumps. If the first conversation in dating starts with a girl, she gets the most attention from the guy.

These days, despite all the efforts of feminism and the push for equality, it’s still something of a surprise. For guys, being able to meet a girl on the street is an indicator of awesomeness. They have the opinion that only the most dashing and confident guys can do that, and it’s impossible to embarrass them. Girls, on the other hand, don’t take this ability seriously: it may speak of courage, but it’s hardly considered an important trait or something like a developed superpower.

You will get his full attention and interest no matter what you say. It’s a fun game: even if your first line is something weird and out of place, the guy will respond and continue the conversation out of surprise. And most likely, you won’t seem like a girl who failed to get acquainted, but an unusual or mysterious one. That is, even a mistake will come in handy – and that’s incredibly convenient.
Topics for conversation will have to be taken out of thin air: if the situation unfolds in a public place, observe what the guy is doing and say something about it. If you need to meet a guy online, we suggest what’s best to write – here. If you can’t find a reason, say something about the guy himself or ask – about him or whatever.

But it’s better to back it up: here are some topics for conversation with a guy you don’t know or don’t know well.

Hobbies. Questions like “What are your hobbies?”, “What do you usually do in your free time?”, “Do you have any hobbies?” will work.
Hedonism. Usually the food part. “What’s your favorite dish?” “What dish would you like to try?” “What would you never eat?” “What food do you associate with your childhood?” “What cuisine do you like?”
Shopping. “Do you enjoy shopping?” “What stores do you usually dress at?” (you can also praise for style here), “Do you think online shopping will eventually supplant conventional shopping?”
Family. Pretty personal topic, but you can approach it neatly. “Do you have brothers or sisters?” “Do you get along with relatives?” “Do you have family traditions that everyone honors?” “Tell me about a relative with whom you have the best relationship.”
Pets. “Do you have a pet?” “Do you like cats or dogs more?” “Have you ever wanted a pet? If so, what kind?” “Why does your cat have that particular name?” “What’s the most unusual pet you’ve ever seen?”
Compliment+question. “You have a great figure. Do you work out?”, “Wow, you’re very smart, probably read a lot. What books do you like?”, “How fast you fixed it with that thing. Must be good at engineering?”
Favorite books and movies. A benign topic that could be talked about at length – after all, everyone has them.
On the Street.
The street is the best place for casual dating. However, you need to look your best for a successful encounter! Pull & Beer and Bershka are no longer relevant – of course, because you don’t want to look like a hundred other girls around who shopped there. Nevertheless, clothes are the first thing guys look at when dating, and they should be stylish. Stand out from the gray masses – bold and practical clothes reflect bohemian tastes and are attractive in character.

Questions and compliments are great as a theme here.

Here are two of the most working examples:

Young man, you have a very nice scarf. The color matches your eyes perfectly.
Young man, can you help me get to the Red Banner? I think I’m lost and can’t figure out how to get there.
If you feel confident enough, you can use some pick-up tool: ask for a smile, say it’s a life-changing meeting or something like that. Remember, you’ll get attention and interest anyway.

It’s convenient to meet guys on the street who walk dogs. His pet is the perfect subject for the first conversation. Praise the dog, ask about the breed, the name, the age, the character. If you dare, offer to take him for a walk sometime. Chances are he won’t refuse.

By correspondence
Dating by correspondence is safer: you don’t see the person you’re talking to, and everything feels less intense. Then again, girls write first much less often than guys, so even “Hi, you look really cute :)” would be a great start. Men so rarely get attention from women first that they are always sensitive to it – no matter how it is expressed.

When the conversation gets going, move on to any of these topics:

Hobbies and hobbies.
Discussion of profile details – activities, interests, favorite music, if communicating in correspondence on the vkk. If on a dating site – you can ask about it, not being able to look in the appropriate blocks.
Travel – perfect and desirable
Perspectives on life
Attitudes toward various issues
Plans for the weekend
Movies and books
Topics to talk about with the guy you love
It’s easy to talk to your lover – you’re at that distance where the list of taboo topics is cut down to a minimum. You can give him a nice compliment. You know him, you know his hobbies and passions – you can always talk about them. With him it’s more convenient to discuss current events, problems. Give and ask for advice, exchange your favorite jokes, share stories. In addition, with your beloved you can already make plans, both for an evening or weekend and for many years to come.

With a guy you like, you should talk about what plans he has for life, what he wants from it. Does he want to reach dizzying heights, or is he comfortable at the level he’s already reached. Does he want to travel or stay at home. Whether his career or family is more important to him. Discuss the views, attitudes, and situations that have shaped the person into the person he or she has become. All of this will help establish a relationship or recognize in time that you are not right for each other.

As a concern, ask about what’s new at school and at work.
Ask about how he is feeling and his mood.
If you are close enough, ask questions about family.
You can always get additional topics of discussion by doing something together:

Discuss a movie you’ve both seen.
Read the same book at the same time and exchange thoughts and opinions about it
Go to an amusement park and then share your impressions
Spend time in the woods or some other scenic spot
Talk about a topic you are both interested in: it could be photography, travel, sports
Talk about personal things: each other and problems. Seek solutions together.
Talk about dreams.
Discuss self-improvement: what would each of you like to be better at?
Offer or ask for help or advice
Ask or give away a little secret
The past: what you were like before you met and what was important in your lives. Try not to talk about your exes.
Childhood: what was it like, what kind of child you were
Family, its role in life and relations with relatives.
Funny, interesting and original topics of conversation with any guy
These usually arise by themselves: they are born from jokes, from the events lived together, arise from a dialogue that was not conceived as funny or original.

You can get a little bit of a lead on them:

Fantasize who you would be from a character in a book or movie
If you had a superpower – which one? And which one would you like?
Find a topic that you’re not good at, and make up your own details, details, stories. For example, you know nothing about the Dutch – make up together their mentality, habits, features.
Discuss funny stories from your childhood.
Make prophecies of the things that happen around: it rains in the sun – to a bright and full life, the yard cat changed its direction – to warming. Don’t explain, just make it up.
If you are in a crowded place, try to respond to the remarks of passers-by, preferably doing it funny.

What you shouldn’t talk about.
The list of taboo topics is not so great. Surely you can add your own to it, but over time the boundaries in a relationship become more flexible. It makes it possible to discuss things you didn’t want to touch at first.

At first, avoid talking about:

Money. Who makes how much, who’s in what financial situation now
Exes. There’s no point in dwelling on the past when your current boyfriend is sitting next to you.
Disadvantages. And there will be time for criticism, but it must be constructive and timely. And ideally, it should be given in a gentle, caring manner.
Vulgarities. Sexual topics and dirty jokes can also appear, but over time, when the relationship is already established.
Personal. Ask the person about their personality and habits, but do not try to get into their head and do not force them to twist their soul.

What topics do you yourself like to talk about with your loved ones?
Do you discuss with them what you do with your friends?
Do you take the silence calmly, or do you try to fill the awkward pause with something?
Answer in the comments 🙂

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