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The art of observation: how to understand that a man likes you

We often hide our feelings. Sometimes we hide them so tightly that we can’t even find them. And then we don’t live our lives, unsuccessfully trying to grab the elusive meaning by the tail. Isn’t it more comfortable, isn’t it easier to behave the way we want? Don’t be shy. If you like a girl, you walk up to her and say. I love her, I want her, I can’t live without you. Easier. But risky. What if she rejects you? Or look at her sympathetically. That’s why men hide their interest behind all sorts of masks. That’s what we’re going to tear off today.

Around the bush: How to understand that a man likes you without words
“I do not know if a man likes me or not,” – so begin many letters that come to our email box. This introduction is usually followed by a story about how someone N is shy, worried, looks in his mouth, looks sneaky, occasionally shows attempts to flirt crookedly. In general, he acts like a complete idiot, which is what makes him suspicious.

And do not come up, do not ask him directly – “Do you like me? Because we’re all adults, no one will tell the truth. And we’ll read the truth in our eyes. In the most literal sense. Non-verbal signs (body language) – the best way to learn more about a person than he says about himself.

Silent like a fish? Take a closer look. His gestures are sure to give him away.

Man, not indifferent to you, sure starts to adjust the tie or belt, straighten jacket lapels, combing the hair, mustache or beard – grooming. This is what all males do at the sight of a pretty female, both in the animal world and in the human world.
You can suspect the presence of feelings, which overwhelm our man, you can see in his hands – does not know where to put them. He twirls something in them, then rubs them, then suddenly he strokes himself. All this is sublimation. Projection of unrealized desires. He wants to twirl, rub and stroke you.
Any demonstration of the groin area is another gesture by which a guy blatantly “scorches” himself. He might put his thumbs behind his belt. Or sits leaning back in his chair with his legs outstretched. He’s unambiguously reminding you who the man is.
You can read a man by his shoes. Leather, handmade – indicates his good taste. Dirty, worn – about slovenliness and laziness. A shoe that has its toe pointed in your direction will tell about your sympathy.
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By the look.
“What do you see in my gaze, in that pale twinkling gaze?” – With this Humilevian line we will begin the next paragraph, in which we will talk about the mirror of the soul – the eyes.

In principle, there is nothing to talk about. The look of a man who likes you can not be confused with anything else – it burns and drills. The rest does not matter. The rest depends on courage. Some are shy, averting their gaze to meet yours. The bolder one burns with his eyes.

And forget everything you know about dilated pupils (they say, wide – it means he loves). It’s not just feelings that make them dilate. What about eye problems, nuanced lighting, illegal substances? Not width, but depth is the criterion. And in the depth of this is a shimmering warmth.

Seeing you, rushing to cross your grandmother’s path? Cynical in life, fluffy and white with you? Not typical behavior is a sign that he probably likes you.

Reduces the distance. He looks for and finds reasons to touch you. He fixes your collar, checks the quality of your blouse, flicks an eyelash. Or just holds your breasts.
She attacks me en masse. He calls, and if he can’t reach me, he sends a text message. Of course, Viber, WhatsApp and VKontakte. Do not despise anything. After all, all means are good to keep in touch with you.
Wants to know everything, and tell you everything. Get ready for an avalanche of his questions – “What do you like?”, “What do you think about it?” Get ready to sit and listen about kickboxing, moose hunting, and your first masturbation.
Pay attention to the little things. Usually guys let a lot of things slip through their ears. But not him. He listens patiently to your boring stories and remembers everything. He remembers, and then at the most unexpected moment, just like that, he brings you his favorite chocolate bar.
Trying to be better. A smoker suddenly quits smoking. Previously careless about his closet, begins to follow fashion. The one who has never held anything heavier than a smartphone in his hand, goes to the gym and pulls iron.
And the moral of this chapter is that a man who likes you, unless he was in the intelligence service, cannot disguise his feelings. He’s driven by his instincts, and resistance is useless.
Guys always pay attention to your appearance: whether your hair is clean and neat, whether your face tone is fresh, whether you smell nice. It is not necessary to apply a ton of cosmetics, but to cover up the black eye, to emphasize the advantages, to nourish the skin – very important. To avoid unnecessary cosmetic manipulations and to save costs, take advantage of discounts. At Rive Gauche, the largest cosmetics and perfume store, there are regular promotions and you can buy famous brands of cosmetics at an affordable price.

Work is not a hindrance: how to know that a colleague likes you
“How can you tell if a man at work is not even breathing?”, such questions are also addressed. Work may not be the place for a relationship, but sex was, is and will be there. Again, instincts can’t be ruled out. Demonstrate to a biology teacher (even a married, serious man) that a long-legged colleague is not a pussy and does not languish. Or tell your boss that a secretary with an outstanding bust does not need a bonus.

Work is not an obstacle to feelings that are elevated, noble and, most importantly, very natural. True, the work regulations, marital status and reputation force the noble feelings to hide. How do you know which of your colleagues had their eyes on you?

Like any normal man, he will take every opportunity to touch you. The shy one will just start to bore his eyes. The eyes, as usual, will give everyone away. The mirror of the soul, after all.
Again, looking for and finding excuses to see you. Systematically visits your workplace. First for an occasion, then for no reason. In the end, with gifts and invitations.
At meetings and briefings actively supports you. If you do not say anything, he is interested in your opinion. If you have nothing to say or ask, you just bore his eyes.
All the points above and set the nearest corporate party. A little bit of insidious alcohol – and a colleague will express all his tender feelings. About how he was looking for and finding reasons to see you. And bore his eyes.
As for the boss’s sympathies, the bonus and promotion will tell about them. And in general, he will tell you everything and show you everything. Bosses are men of action.

Accentuates likes: how to find out if you like someone by correspondence
The Internet is another thing. There’s no meaningful glances, no trembling hands, no bonuses. And to understand his feelings very much want to. Firstly, it is always nice to know that a young or not so young man likes you. Secondly, it helps to narrow down unfamiliar faces to potential candidates.

When you appear on the network, he immediately dials a message. However, he writes to you always, regularly and often.
Guys aren’t chatty people (except philologists), but if he likes you, texting becomes his favorite thing. Even in the case of phenomenal illiteracy.
Just like in reality, in virtuality a man will try to get to know you in your entirety. And he will succeed – it’s hard to refuse the temptation to talk about yourself.
As for social networks, in addition to chatting, he likes your photos and comments on posts. And often flashes in the news chronicle.
Not all are the same: how the Zodiac signs behave
To the unfamiliar or unfamiliar man all the more do not come up with the question “why are you staring, do you like me?” But to ask about the sign of the Zodiac is very possible.

How to know if an Aries man likes you
When it comes to this charismatic stubborn man, you don’t have to read the body language tabloids. If he likes you, you’ll find out quickly. It will be taken by storm. Being an extremely impatient sign, gets to the point immediately and without ceremony. On the dating site will write first.

How to know that a man likes a Taurus.
This is not the kind of guy who rushes headlong into the maelstrom. First look closely, look around from all sides, find information. In this, by the way, and “fell”. His intense interest goes against the normal restraint and indifference.

How to understand that a man likes a Gemini
Gemini is not silent about his feelings. Gemini oratory about his feelings. And the gift of eloquence this sign of the zodiac is not lacking. Nightingale will be poured. And generously lavish money (even if their pockets are not plentiful). This says nothing about the strength of feelings and seriousness of intentions.

How do you know a Cancer man likes you?
It follows you on the heels. Literally stalking. But very carefully masked – vulnerable and vulnerable. True, the innate modesty does not prevent him to invade your personal space. Does not find a plausible excuse to invade – will bore his eyes.

How to understand that a man Leo like you.
Leo – it’s not only a fiery sign, but the “king. Behaves in this regard is passionate, generous and powerful. Then he coolly watches from the side, then attacks, then scatters in front of you handfuls of gold. In general, if you get a feeling of “I’m the queen,” it means that the king hit on you.

How to know that a Virgo man likes you
Virgo demonstrates sympathy very specific way. It usually begins with barbs, irony and sarcasm, but quickly passes into courtship. Virgo courts specifically – pragmatically, offering all kinds of assistance. Can give a couch, or maybe just give money.

How to understand that a Libra man likes you
To understand a Libra, knowledge of body language is a must. This hesitant and indecisive nature can be discerned only this way. When you meet with you, begins to get better and fancy? Changes perfume like socks every day? Started to look dapper in ordinary situations? He likes you.

How to know if a Scorpio man likes you.
Going to get closer to the object of his affection Scorpio will be with manic tenacity. True, with ostensible indifference. Pluto’s ward is a magnificent actor. And he will not give himself away with a gesture. And only the look – shrewd, mesmerizing and alluring – says that something is not clear.

How do you know a Sagittarius man likes you?
This his affection will not hide. Can begin to show feelings of ownership immediately, although you just drank coffee. In general, quickly passes from words to deeds. And, by the way, often hitting on two at the same time. Or three.

How to understand that a Capricorn man likes you.
Restrained and taciturn, Capricorn suddenly becomes emotional and chatty. Ready to talk to you about everything. Pleases and warns of desires. In general, from a snow king turns into a normal man.

How to know an Aquarius man likes you
Aquarians prefer to spend time in noisy companies, and if something went against the traditional habits of your acquaintance – for example, he began to sit in the evenings with you in a chat room – do not doubt, terribly interested in you. He may change his image and cut off his phone at night.

How to know a Pisces man likes you.
Closed and verbose, suddenly begins to open his inner world and immerse in romantic experiences. That poem reads, the song sings. And looks so attentive and thoughtful. The truth is, just about anything – goes under water. And, as usual, he walks around for a long time.

You still have doubts? Then forget everything I said and listen to your intuition. It’s rarely wrong. By the way, if you don’t have someone to train your sixth sense on, immediately register on one of our dating sites. Millions of men are ready to provide their persona for your experiments. Bye!

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