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Single Woman Seeking: Where to Meet a Guy for a Serious Relationship

A man for a serious relationship is not just lying around. Such a fossil must be washed like gold. You don’t have to go to Alaska – you can try closer to home. Let’s talk about the places where there are good guys.

Geography: Where to meet a guy for a serious relationship
Don’t think that the rare species of “man for a serious relationship” is found in some special places. You can even meet him on the street. The question is the amount of time spent on the search. The main thing is to connect the excitement, so that a tedious search becomes a fascinating pastime like shopping. And yet. It is better to go for gold to a geographically favorable region. The chances of getting something good in a big city are much better than going overboard at a small ranch. Let’s figure out where serious guys are concentrated who can be taken according to the master plan.

Top 5 Dating Sites
Oh, sports you are power and – a magnet for guys. Boxing matches, golf, soccer, ski resort-all that men love, which means you love it too. Must. You can always choose a leisure activity within your means. Don’t have enough for a resort, go to a match. Or to the gym, a place literally drenched in testosterone.
The next territorial group, where the number of guys per square meter is off the charts, are places of men’s leisure. Men relax at hunting, fishing, chess club, bowling, billiard hall. Choose for yourself – or learn to pull the fishing line, erotic with your hip, or a cue in your hands.
If boxing or billiards categorically do not fit, look for a prince in training. IBA, financial analysis, and foreign language courses are a priori attended by serious people. Razdolbaji are usually happy with their current qualifications and rarely upgrade them. By the way, a great plan is Chinese courses. There will definitely be men there who are promising, motivated and persistent.
Pay attention to the contingent of your office. Why do not go to work. If your company all decent men already cook borscht (vrashavlyayut), focus on related businesses. Quickly find out what’s going on around you, you can in the smoking room. For the sake of this case, why not smoke. Not in a puff, of course.
Mecca for dating – the supermarket close to midnight. Not a romantic place, of course, but a lucrative one. Come to think of it, what’s a “hostile” man to do in a store alone at a time like this? Toward midnight, only loneliness wanders among the shelves and shop windows in search of sustenance. Clearly, the audience in the baby food departments is rigidly ignored.

Where to meet a rich man.
The answer to the question of where to meet a rich man, Listerman knows exactly. “If the young lady is not a crocodile,” Peter Grigorievich will help. Not a crocodile means “be beautiful, cheerful, sociable and moderately intelligent. You can send your photo and resume on the official portal of the “main matchmaker of the country” Ochkarik.

Everyone else, who is not interested in oligarchs, but ordinary successful people, soberly assess their capabilities and, most importantly, actively act. A successful male is demanding, fastidious, distrustful and picky. Winning his favor is not easy. Good tits and legs will not be enough. If you have everything, appetizingly swaying his hips (instincts rule), move toward the reserved seats.

Status men like to do winter sports. Have the money for a prestigious ski resort – go ahead and whistle. Wealthy men have to (and some honestly love to) go to equestrian events, tennis and golf tournaments. In this case, all you have to do is buy a ticket. Or you can get a job at a big money company – oil and gas, finance or insurance. You don’t pay anything, but, on the contrary, you get. By the way, a lot of opportunities for dating offers work in elite car dealerships. In general, he who seeks, he will find, or as the French brothers say, qui cherche, trouve.

Online: where to meet a guy on the Internet and what is the danger of it
While you’re saving your money for Courchevel, I recommend that you start a profile on a dating site. What to write, what to keep silent about, and how to get a portfolio – detailed here. Open it and read. You can also surf the Internet in search of relationships on social networks and even on forums. People are everywhere. But on a dating site – the target audience, that is, a high concentration of men who really want to meet.

Pros and cons of dating sites
In theory, a dating site is the perfect place to look. Filter what you need (height, weight, intentions)-and choose. Practically, scientists have meticulously researched the resource and compiled a long list of its advantages and disadvantages. Both are about equal. Here are some.

Advantage: The dating site does provide a large base of people who specifically want to meet. Millions of real partners and no geographic boundaries.

Disadvantage: Finding a partner in this crowd is quite a treat. It’s exhausting to separate the wheat from the chaff. In addition, there is always the annoying feeling that the next one is better.

Advantage: On average, two out of ten novels start on the Internet. There are plenty of real-life examples of people meeting online and making something of it.

Disadvantage: Every other online dating brings disappointment. Not to mention specific examples of people being bred for love for profit.

Advantage: You can get acquainted at any convenient time. Dating sites are open around the clock, which is good for everyone in our troubled times.

Disadvantage: A lot of wasted time for web communication, which in principle can be used with greater benefit for the soul, mind and body.

Advantage: On the Internet you can relax and behave naturally – say what you think, forget about complexes, be yourself.

Disadvantage: The virtual world is an opportunity to appear rather than to be, which some citizens are happy to use. About this, perhaps, separately.

How not to become a victim of a scammer
On the other side of the screen under the guise of a man with serious intentions can be anyone. We’ve already talked about all kinds of scams based on love – a must-read, so as not to be left with a broken heart and an empty purse.

Safety rules are simple, with three main ones:

Always keep your distance, especially when it seems like Destiny herself is knocking on the door;
Keep with you – copies of your passport, bank card data, nude photos from your personal collection;
Don’t be tempted – don’t be fooled by talk of gold, diamonds, bitcoins, and possessions.

Do not spook: What categorically should not be done in communication with the guy
Even gurus make mistakes. The average girl makes increasing mistakes, meanwhile scaring away a candidate for a serious relationship is a trifle. The candidate, though a great guy, but vigilant. Vigilant, so that the princess suddenly became an evil witch, and the prince’s life did not turn into a terrible fairy tale. Behave as if you’re in a shop with antique china, watch yourself and be careful.

Don’t take the bull by the horns.
Grumbles, rubs and does not dare – wait. Every man has the right to think and mature. In a state of “under” in response to assertiveness may retreat. Here and in general – less balls in dealing with a guy. You’re a girl.

Don’t be a pushover.
It’s in your head you’ve already moved in together and gotten married, and he’s obligated to spend maximum resources in your favor and omnipresent reacquaintance with relatives. He’s probably got other plans for now – to get a closer look.

Don’t talk about exes.
Even the louts and mumblers won’t tolerate third parties on their turf, and it doesn’t matter that third parties are already household names with the hashtag “ex.” Keep all “exes” to yourself in hard to reach places. And password-protect them.

Don’t get loose.
A relationship that has become entangled is not a reason to unravel. Do not go into the category of women in sweatpants and no manicure, overcome the confetti-bouquet period. No elongated knees, relaxed tummy, unwashed head and unshaven armpits, even after reading motivational body-positive articles (written from the evil one).

Have sex.
Sex is not a recruiting tool or a bonus for good behavior. Sex is a pleasure for two. Understandably, habit is second nature, and it’s tempting to serve up sexuality as a commodity. Still.

In fact, finding a man is not a problem. They say there are somewhere around 3.7 billion of them, and there are more every second. The important thing is what to do with him afterwards. You have to be invested in the relationship. Consumerism is no longer the trend. Although men still want to give back. Good luck!

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