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Revealing the secret of how to say nice compliments to the guy with your own words

Giving compliments is a man’s job. A woman’s job is to condescend to receive them. And woe to the girl who dares to sing the praises of her beloved – in a moment she will become uninteresting, like a conquered mountain climber.

Is that what you think? Then listen to what psychologists say. And they say that guys like a compliment more than girls. That for many of them a compliment is like a blow job. That not taking advantage of this little weakness of the stronger sex is completely reckless.

Man and compliment: made for each other
The “man has to” position is sickening to the hell out of men. Protect, obtain, achieve and conquer. At the same time, don’t cry, don’t be afraid, and don’t ask for it. Do anything and everything above and beyond to fit in. To what and why? Philosophical question. There is only one answer. It’s called “have to.” Hard work, I’ll tell you.

Any work, of course, must be rewarded – “otherwise it turns into exploitation. How to reward a man? Praise. Let him know that he is not trying in vain. That his exploits matter. That he’s good and the best.

Guys need validation, and unlike women, they’re omnivores. They take any compliment at face value. Ready to swallow the “noodles” and feel the genuine enthusiasm: “Yes, I’m good! A hero! Hercules!”.

Hence we draw the right conclusion – it is not difficult to compliment a guy. Suitable any, even the most unsightly:

“How nice those jeans look on you.”
“That’s a nice shirt.”
“What a great haircut.”
“How smart you are.”
Perhaps the only exceptions are compliments like “pussy-pussy” (“pugsy”, “bunny”, “baby”). But even this is an individual thing. Some people are ready to move mountains for a “pussy-pussy.

So, a compliment – the best way to thank, to encourage, to direct in the right direction and make it better. By the way, you can use a compliment to get something for yourself. Include a request in the compliment – and get what you want. For example:

“I certainly don’t insist that you solve this problem. But you’ll definitely do it better than me and better than anyone else. After all, you’re so smart!”
So, there are many reasons to use compliments in everyday life and there is no reason to ignore them. Here you can choose the right words and then boldly fall in love with a man.

How and when to say compliments: 5 rules
Despite the “omnivorous”, men are cautious people. They lose their head from the compliments, but quickly find it. Especially when the compliment is ambiguous, frankly false, or with a crude hint.

The correct compliment is clear, natural, true, and without extraneous meaning.

Rule 1: Naturalness. Unlikely to be able to please the guy compliments like “Your eagle eye pierces me through” or “Oh, how majestic your waist. However, for the sake of experimentation, you can try. Chances are, there will be an awkward pause in the conversation, and his “eagle eye” will begin to squint in your direction suspiciously. Be natural. A beautiful compliment is a natural compliment. Speak in plain language and… the truth and only the truth.
Rule 2. Truthfulness. To admire the looming abs, if the guy went to the gym once – to put it mildly, ridiculous. Men are certainly omnivorous, but not complete idiots. Try to figure out what virtues a guy is really proud of. Or praise those qualities that are visible to the naked eye. Don’t exaggerate the merits. Don’t give mediocre deeds super high marks. Don’t rave about non-existent virtues.
Rule 3. Positivity. A compliment must be 100% positive and unambiguous. Ambiguity, irony, sarcasm, and rebuke are unacceptable. “Wow, you made the coffee yourself!” – is not a compliment. “Made coffee and didn’t trash the kitchen floor, you’re a hero! – is not a compliment. “What good coffee! Only you put a lot of sugar in it and didn’t pour it in your favorite mug” – not a compliment.
Rule 4. Specificity. Details matter. Accompany general words (smart, strong) with explanatory notes (why smart, why strong). Men, unlike women, think concretely, not abstractly, and clear facts understand better than vague hints: “I have you so smart – with anyone can get along!
Rule 5. Moderation. Praise, but not overpraise. Overpraising is bad for his mental health – it can sick megalomania. But if you rarely, but with feeling and aspiration, will try to wait until you again will shed the balm of tender words on his brutal soul.
How to say compliments – clearly. When? Today. What to say? You know best.

The content of a compliment can be:

appreciation of achievements and deeds: “you are successful in everything”, “I admire you”, “everything is up to you”;
confirmation of “tribal” qualities and sexuality: “you are so strong”, “it was incredible”;
characterization of your condition with him: “I feel good with you,” “you make me happy.”
And once again, let me remind you that the most ordinary kind word is better than deep and eloquent silence.

Practice: TOP-50 compliments to the guy
There was a time when the art of saying compliments was elevated to the rank of important sciences, because the ability to praise the other party decided the fate, and not just people but whole countries. In the 21st cynical century the value of praise has diminished. And although almost no one can be bought by flattery, but to influence the situation is still possible.

Remember how your relationship to the man changed depending on what he said. Said you were beautiful, charismatic, and unique – you hit the “white sheet.” Poking at your shortcomings – you “fell off. Right? And you’re still thinking about whether or not to compliment a guy?

Maybe you’re afraid to. It’s the first time that happens. Not knowing is scary. Relax. Speak your own words. You don’t have to “push” and “give birth.” The best compliments to a guy are the ones that flow from the soul. And the words from that place can be all kinds – funny, awkward, gentle or vulgar. Yeah, dirty, too.

“I never get tired of hearing how good my penis is,” many guys admit.
And the following list of compliments is more for inspiration than memorization or copying.

You have amazing eyes – you can drown in them.
You know how to turn the gray of everyday life into a bright holiday.
You are that rare person with whom it is pleasant to keep silent.
You – the man with whom you can go to a desert island.
You know the answers to all questions – well, just Google!
You have a lot of strength, and not just physical strength.
I have never met a guy with such a strong character.
You fill my life with incredible emotions.
I admire the way you are unhurriedly and confidently going about your business.
The guy I can be one hundred percent sure of is you.
I admire how clearly, calmly and convincingly you speak.
You are a sorcerer! When you start talking, I stop thinking!
You’ve got something in you that most guys today don’t have – fortitude.
You can talk about the mundane in interesting and beautiful language.
It seems that I know you well, but you never cease to amaze me.
Lucky to have met a guy whose words don’t mismatch his deeds.
How do you manage to do everything and never be in a hurry?
Where others break down and give up, you only get stronger.
You never give up when you hit a wall and you only move forward.
Coffee made by your hands is an aphrodisiac to me.
A talented person is talented in everything. Like you, for example.
In that suit you’re just Mr. Respectability.
How do you manage to look gorgeous even in regular jeans?
You have incredible willpower. Running in the morning is a feat.
I’ve never met a person with such self-discipline!
You’re definitely not someone who goes with the flow. You are the director of your life.
Your voice is like a mantra – soothing and relaxing.
You make me want to live more than one life.
I wasn’t wrong about you – you’re the best man.
May I not share you with anyone?
Thank you for being a part of my life.
Is there anything impossible for you?
I envy myself. I have the best man in the world.
You can’t be that handsome and smart at the same time!
You fill my life with incredible emotions.
It’s so good to have you by my side, now and always.
My head goes around when you unbutton your shirt.
You better not get dressed. Everyone has to admire that body.
Let’s go for a walk. I want everyone to see what kind of a man I am.
How cleverly you’ve solved this problem!
Great wine! Your taste is impeccable.
You made me coffee? How thoughtful of you.
Did you make tea without sugar? How thoughtful you are.
When you look at me, I feel loved.
Next to you, my femininity unfolds.
I admire how deftly you do it!
The best place on earth is your embrace.
You inspire me to be a better person.
Next to you I feel protected.
You are the best thing that ever happened to me.
It feels good. You – not difficult. As a result, both are happy. And if there’s no one to compliment, go immediately to the page with a rating of dating sites, choose a dating portal to your liking and sign up. You’ll get access to millions of guys who are eager to hear a nice word. Maybe one of them will become your soul mate. However, I hope you’re a girl of integrity and independence. “Half-words” aren’t trendy these days, unlike compliments, which are an eternal classic. Good luck!

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