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If your intuition is silent: how to know if a man is in love

A man is a straightforward creature. As he is, so he says. Until he falls in love. A man doesn’t like to talk about love. Because “the man said, the man did.” If he says “I love you”, take him to the registry office. But a man never rushes there. That’s why he doesn’t say anything. So let’s find out how to tell if a man is in love when he’s not going to talk about it. At least not yet.

No illusions: 5 key signs of a man in love
“He gave me a Chanel and got me tickets to the parterre. I think he loves me.” It should seem in this case only one thing – he wooed. For what purpose – we need to figure out. But do not fantasize about his hidden feelings.

And we love to fantasize. And where our fantasy does not lead. Often in a direction opposite to the truth. You think – can not live without you, but he can live with you comfortably. In the question of whether a man loves you, you have to rely on facts.

Here are 5 facts that are convincing (unlike your fantasy) about the feeling of love.

Need to communicate. Guys are basically “reticent.” But having fallen in love, “silent men” are ready to flail their tongues with the enthusiasm of a professional orator. Pursue a clear goal – to show themselves and to find out about you. They will show themselves in the best possible way. You will learn about everything, from the kindergarten diploma “for skilful hands” to the talents of receiving kickbacks in front of the bosses. And be prepared for a biased interrogation. Falling in love is the moment when a guy is interested in you with the curiosity of a scientist. There won’t be another moment like that.

The urge to care. Love, besides words, is also about deeds. His involvement in your life is directly proportional to the quality of his love. A loving guy won’t let you get cold, dry out, stay hungry. Will take your cat to the vet. Screw in a blown light bulb. Fix your faucet. Pay off a loan. Lend you money or give you money for nothing. Basically, he’ll take care of everything. And if you have to take the cat alone on the subway, because he “something began to malfunction carburetor,” let’s forget about his tender, strong and very loving hands.

Sense of ownership. The proprietary instinct is rooted in the animal world and has, like other instincts, the right to exist. Moreover, it determines the essence of the relationship of a male to a particular female. This male is always ready to explain to another male to whom a particular female belongs. The same thing the male is ready to convey to the female who has ambushed the other one. It’s trite, but to the point – jealous means in love. Because a man in love is a wild moor, not a sharing amoeba.

Full immersion. Claiming your rights to you is not only playing Othello, but appearing with you in public, “She belongs to me.” You’re not shy about being introduced to your friends. And some people even introduce you to their parents. It wouldn’t occur to a guy to go to a party without you, and when you casually meet your great aunt, he’ll introduce you as a colleague from work. Behind the “you’re my secret outlet” communication, there was, is, and will never be anything good for the “outlet” in history.

Priority Attitude. A man who loves is a man who has time. The soap opera about “no time” will begin later, when the tomatoes have wilted. In a state of love, even a goodwill ambassador to the continent of Africa will find time in his schedule for you. Because you are the priority. You matter just as much, if not more, to him than hungry African children.

And bouquets of a hundred and one roses, text messages “I love you pussy,” pizza to go – may have something to do with love, but indirectly.

In love, but hides: how to get a man to come clean
Sometimes circumstances are such that a man can not or does not want to “flame” himself on nothing. They can not usually married. And colleagues who are concerned about their reputations don’t want to. Or the cautious ones who “burned with milk, blow on water.

Such a hidden man can be uncovered and asked the right questions. The code word is intuition. And there are signs with which it is easy to understand whether a man is in love, without the “third eye” – by sight, by gestures and manners.

Nervous. Not long ago he was confident and neat. Now he has trouble getting into the keyhole. Dropping dishes. Pouring over the edge. He’s like an elephant in a china shop. And all that damn stuff happens in front of you. Coincidence? No.
Touching. The guy takes every opportunity to touch you. Literally dusts you off. Or takes your eyelashes off. Or feels the fabric of your blouse. Basically, spreading his arms, but undercover.
“Getting better.” All of a sudden he’s exercising. Quit smoking. Got a couple of new suits. Went to a barbershop. Signed up for Chinese classes. What goes through the mind of a man in love who wants to spread his tail and brag.
It’s nonverbal. And, as usual, there’s body language that treacherously gives away what they want to silence. The guy is turned in your direction, even if only by the toe of your shoe. He’s getting a little squat. He dresses up. Stares intently or furtively. Maybe not in love, but certainly – not indifferent.

Opinion of psychologists: how to understand that love is real
One of the main problems with love, according to psychologists, is that the expectations about it are too high. Love – it’s the same wow-oh. And when it turns out not wow-ho, then – poor quality love. Let’s figure out whether he loves you or uses you.

He really loves.
Love is just a figure of speech. This feeling can be broken down into three aspects – moral, emotional and physical.

The moral aspect of love is respect. When one truly loves, one respects one’s feelings, one’s opinion, one’s position in life, one’s moral principles. And also make commitments and express their willingness to solve problems.
The emotional aspect is the merging of souls. It is unity of views, goals, and aspirations. It is empathy and concern for one’s partner. And, of course, not in need of reinforcement (alcohol, gifts) the pleasure of communicating and being near.
The physical aspect of love is sex itself. That is, the desire to have sexual relations with the object of love and the reluctance to have sexual relations with others. That’s it.
And so if a man really loves you, these ingredients (aspects) must be equal. And if not equally, then at least all of them should be present.
Maybe he’s just using?
It’s quite possible. After all, we all use each other. But some outright manipulate feelings. Here are some signs.

He talks about feelings. You’d think, what’s wrong with that? It’s that men don’t like to talk about it. And when they do, and they emphasize it, keep your ear to the ground and your heart to the ground.
He’s cheating on you. The rule of thumb is that in a state of love, the male is interested in sex with that particular female. At least for now. That sex is emotionally and sexually richer. Why trade it in for the worst?

Lack of momentum. You have been having sex for a long time, but that’s actually where it ends. Even if you go to the movies, theater and shopping regularly, that’s not love. Love has a development.
Careless attitude. He recommends you lose weight. Compares you to others. Doesn’t use lube when having anal sex. Sometimes, though, he says, “I’m sorry, I’m such an asshole, you can’t change me.” He’s telling the truth, you can’t change me.
He says it, he doesn’t do it. To love is a verb. “To promise is to do. Asked, then helped. Helped if you didn’t ask. “No time,” “no opportunity,” “forgot” are not about love. When you love, you move mountains.
With a man who doesn’t love, you don’t have to burn bridges. In the economy and such will come in handy, if somewhere in contact with the verb to do. But you should definitely give up your illusions. Don’t take it personally. This one is one of those who have come and gone.
Read between the lines: how to tell by correspondence that a man is in love.
If you’ve met online or are communicating on social networks, wondering how to tell by correspondence whether this guy is in love with me is pointless. Love is not the quantity and quality of typed characters. Although the love letters of the greats are, yes, evidence of love. But the letters were afterwards. Meetings and partings first. What is called life. So bring the relationship to life, and then sort it out – love, do not love, spit, kiss.

Not everyone is the same: how to understand a man’s feelings on the zodiac sign
If you’re convinced astrology is bullshit, skip to the final paragraph of our conversation and don’t waste your time. If you’re convinced that all Taurus, Sagittarius and Scorpio are the same, then read on.

How to know if an Aries man is in love
Aries people are impulsive and unrestrained. Feelings out of them flow with the pressure of an atomic bomb. Fall in love – will not hide. Try to take the favorite impudently. All and at once – this is about him. To walk around the bush will not.

How to understand that a Taurus man is in love.
Secretive – about Taurus. Looking perfect and for a long time. In a maelstrom with his head is not rushed. Nevertheless, he is inclined to romantic gestures. And ready to provide all possible assistance. But he will not be able to pull the strings.

How to understand that the Cancer man in love
This one keeps his heart under lock and key – well, a very vulnerable sign of the zodiac. What lies beneath the shell is easy to understand. In love Cancer storms from mood swings – “then cries, then laughs. Not vomiting out loud, and not sobbing, but to himself. However, everything is clear without words – in the eyes.

How to understand that a Leo man is in love
Expensive gifts and grand gestures – not proof of feelings, if we are talking about the “king of beasts,” which by nature is generous, wasteful and prone to affects. His love will be told by the time he spends with you. Ready to trade his companionship with his “entourage” for your company? That’s love.

How to know if a Virgo man is in love
This secretive and mercurial “dry man”, having fallen in love, turns into a spirited prince. By the way, very talkative. But very caring. “Do you want to eat?”, “what can I get you?”, “where can I take you?” – The eagerness to please comes out of my ears. And, of course, the interrogation with the passion – a guy needs to study you thoroughly.

How do you know if a Libra man is in love?
A Libra guy can fool anyone’s head. Today it’s beautifully courting and showering you with compliments. Tomorrow, water in his mouth, shrinking. Either way he drags you to the theaters and grooms you.

How to know that the Scorpio man in love.
This one falls in love on the flick, but what about himself? Identifying a Scorpio man in love is difficult. He hides all his feelings under a mask of cynicism. But he also has his weaknesses – in particular, the irresistible desire to play. The game can be any – board, intellectual or bedtime.

How to understand that a male Sagittarius in love
A Sagittarius man in love will make every effort to stand out from the crowd. Taking center stage, burst into beautiful tirades – about the meaning of life, the mystery of love and his noble goals. Not an empty-nester. The Sagittarius man in love is the man who knows how to move mountains.

How to understand that a Capricorn man is in love
If the Capricorn man you know has begun to appear on your path too often, looking into your eyes and listening to you attentively – for a reason. And the transformation from a restrained king to an excitable young commoner with everything falling out of his hands and a blush on his face is not just for fun either.

How to understand that the Aquarius man is in love
Aquarius will put on a real show in front of the object of love. Dress up as a buffoon, comb his hair strangely and begin to make miracles – to walk in a wheel, to give flowers, to sing serenades. His whole world is centered on you, and he is not ashamed of it.

How to know that the Pisces man is in love
Pisces tries very hard to keep feelings in their fins, but to understand that he is in love, in the state of any. What gives it away is emotionality. The guy becomes restless, jealous, capricious, suspicious. True, quickly pulls himself together. Alas, not for long.

A man in love is willing to do many things. Especially when he realizes he is in love. That feeling is worth a lot. You’ve never experienced it? No one has ever fallen in love with you? Loved and been loved, but – “was”? Start a profile on a dating site. On what – prompts our rating of the best dating portals. Love is a verb. Act!

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