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How to win a man’s heart so that he could not without you: Psychology techniques

How to win a strong and worthy man? How to interest myself personally and from a distance? I often have to hear similar questions from my girlfriends, all of them want to have a universal means for receiving reciprocity.

However, I noticed that many women are not ready to make enough effort to become more interesting and attractive to the opposite sex. Alas, there is no means to instantly make any man fall in love with you in person or by correspondence. It is impossible to control your own and other people’s feelings. To get reciprocity, you will have to go a long way, but you will become more experienced and better. And that in itself is valuable.

How to get it right. Research Your Purpose
Without knowing a man’s needs and proclivities, you can’t present yourself correctly and to your maximum advantage.

Not sure if a man is communicating only with you? Check his social networks and find out the truth! By analyzing the competitors, you will be able to show your best side.

You definitely need to know the following about him:

Life position
Past partners
Future plans
Where to get such personal information, you may ask? The main sources are common acquaintances and social networks. Make up a kind of questionnaire, and try to study in detail all the information available to you. Most important to determine what type of women for men is the most attractive: a mother, a friend, a lioness or a mistress.

As you know, a girl type Mother – emotional, sensitive, often creative nature. She is very fond of children and strives to create a family.
The Girlfriend type is a classic intellectual with whom you can discuss any topic and even go fishing.
The Lioness girl represents a bright, attractive and proud personality, which a man will strive to win and demonstrate to those around him as his trophy.
Finally, the Hostess girl is the young lady who cooks perfectly, keeps the house clean and manages to pursue her career. She may not be too emotional, but she is reliable and predictable.
Determining the tastes and aptitudes of men, build a line of conduct and deal with its appearance. Men like eyes, and if all of his former girlfriends were brunettes with a good figure, then you would do well to compete with them. Then you can easily make a man fall in love with you.

Preparation. How you need to look
To attract a guy’s attention, you need to stand out from the crowd, be able to position yourself as a self-sufficient and interesting girl. And also look your best!

It will be easy to get a loved one if you follow the following rules:

Take care of yourself.
You can not afford to be ugly. The female sex in the arsenal of a million procedures and tricks, through which the village townswoman can make a beauty on the cover of the magazine. But it depends on you!

Take care of your hair, skin and hands very carefully.
If you need to lose weight – do not hesitate to go straight to the gym and fix your diet.
Your makeup should not be flashy:

Evening out your tone, highlighting your eyes, eyebrows and moisturizing your lips is enough. False eyelashes and clearly highlighted cheekbones leave for an evening out or a photo shoot.
Do not forget about hygiene, in particular the removal of hair wherever it should not be.
Neatness is your main ally in the conquest of the man you love. Be natural, hiding flaws if necessary.

Pick up your style.
Your rich inner world is hidden behind shapeless clothes of dull colors? I have news for you, it’s time to change! Girls, just do not run to the store to buy up all the bright blouses, short skirts and dresses with sequins. Leave those kinds of outfits for frivolous girls. After all, your goal is to charm and endear yourself to a specific person, which means it is best to focus on his own style or wishes.

If you do not know what style of clothing he prefers to see on girls, opt for neutral outfits that can be favorably emphasized with accessories:

Monochrome jeans, cashmere turtleneck or silk blouse of delicate color, perhaps with a print – the perfect image for every day.
Complement it with a comfortable, but elegant shoes with a low or medium heel.
Be sure to wear earrings, a bracelet or a feminine watch – do not be shy to remind others that you are a girl and you like to adorn yourself.
To create a sensual image is not necessary to buy a tight dress with an open back and stiletto shoes. The most important thing is your confidence in yourself and your attractiveness. Make a gift to yourself by buying quality lingerie, with lace or embroidery. Wear a beautiful set with stockings, even under an ordinary dress, and you will immediately feel how your behavior and self-perception has changed.

Stay intrigued.
This advice is as old as the world, but many girls do not use it. As soon as the man realizes that he knows everything about you – no way. You will become for him an open book, which he has already read. Do not spill all the facts, even after years of marriage a man does not need to know the details of your personal life before he met him.

Try to communicate with a man with intriguing gestures and transparent hints. Wiggle your hips as you walk a little more than usual. Show off your wrists, neck, legs and fix your hair in a way that draws his attention. Show your interest naturally and unobtrusively. The man will feel the reciprocity and will look forward to each meeting.
It is useful to show character sometimes, to show independence and self-esteem. Do not hide your point of view just because it doesn’t coincide with the man’s opinion. Express it politely and gently, offer to discuss over a cup of coffee. Become a full-fledged companion for a man, not just an object of sexual desire.

Five simple steps to win a man’s heart
Consistent implementation of these steps will open you up the prospect of creating a strong and happy relationship with the man you dream about.

First, be friendly. Positive to the man impossible if you are gloomy and depressed. Smile, laugh, be open and give others a positive attitude.
Second, create your own unique image. How would you like others to see you? Think about what you can work on and what you should change in your appearance to get closer to your ideal.
Third, be detached and self-sufficient. There is nothing more pathetic than a woman who desperately wants to get into a relationship. By putting yourself in such a disadvantageous position from the beginning, you run the risk of ending up with nothing.
Fourth, work on your environment, because it reflects you far more than you can imagine. The saying, “Tell me who your friend is, and I’ll tell you who you are,” comes to mind. If upon closer inspection, a guy notices that your friends are full of unreliable and suspicious characters, he’ll think twice about your legibility.
Fifth, find common ground. At least five of these points will provide you with mutual interest in the early stages when the relationship is just beginning to develop. Common topics, hobbies, trips, acquaintances. Anything that will help buy time and have time to get close to the man you like.
Top 7 ways to win a man
All you have to do is follow these instructions and you will be able to please and fall in love with any man.

Become the one. Show him that you can be the most loyal and loving. Be truly indispensable, the woman who knows his needs and can meet them. Some men need care and affection, others prefer companionship and shared entertainment. Become what he needs you to be.
Be different. Try to act calm and friendly, but periodically show “claws” so that the man was toned down. Do not be afraid to take the initiative, surprise him, offer spontaneous trips to romantic places. Change the images, haircuts, hairstyles. Allow a man to enjoy your presence.
Don’t refuse help. A man needs to know that in a difficult situation he will be able to rely on you and get at least moral support. However, there are comrades who treat girls as a source of finance and other benefits, sift them out immediately and do not allow themselves to sit on your neck. A man is a man to solve all his problems by himself.
Be independent. Do not call every 15 minutes, do not put yourself in a dependent position. Not only will this not cement your relationship, but it will cause a chill in your man’s feelings.
Do not dump absolutely all of your problems on his head, surely some of them you can solve yourself.
And most importantly – be developed to the extent that you can support yourself completely. Confidence in the future will give you self-esteem and show a man that he should make an effort to be near you.
Make friends with your environment. It is important to enter his social circle. Friends or relatives, someone should certainly appreciate and celebrate your strengths. People are very influenced by the people around them. If one will note your attractive appearance, and another your success at work, it will become a little easier to get and seduce a man.
Share his lifestyle. Your aspirations and plans for life should coincide, so you can become a couple and build a future together. It is also desirable to have common interests and hobbies. This brings two people very close and gives many topics for conversation. Try to find out what your beloved man is most passionate about and figure it out. Your awareness will help hook him, and then it’s a matter of technique.

Radiate sexuality. There’s no escaping your instincts, so don’t hide your femininity and attractiveness. A modest girl can also be sexy in the eyes of the opposite sex. Work on your facial expressions, speech and gait. Walk from the hip. Buy clothes and shoes that emphasize your femininity. Give up a sporty style in your everyday life, instead create a light and romantic image.
All of the above methods are better to use in combination, based on your situation. Do not be afraid to experiment and find new ways to solve problems. To become the most important person for a man, you will have to try hard. To win the heart – a man’s task, but sometimes a woman needs to be active in order to get what you want.

When to stop
You have successfully put into practice all of the described techniques, and captivate a man and still failed? There are only two options:

Either you did not try hard enough,
Or you are not to his liking.
It’s not just appearance, but also behavior, character and more. Perhaps you originally miscalculated his preferences and made an emphasis on the wrong things. What to do if you can not conquer a beloved man?

Reveal a different side of his personality, let the man sees how versatile and original. Dramatic changes in appearance and behavior will also help attract his attention again and give an impetus to start a relationship. If that doesn’t work, sign up for Badoo and start chatting with interesting men.

If you find a girl, or even more so a wife, stop! You may be the best of all the women he has met in his life. But respect yourself.
What not to do.
We have taken apart all the subtleties and features of how to win a guy and get his love. Let’s sharpen our focus on the things that repel men and make them run away:

Tiresome shopping. Men get bored and start looking at their watches after only an hour of shopping. For shopping together, it is better to choose a friend who can give you sound advice.
Ask him about his thoughts. Leave the person alone if he is thoughtful and silent. Such a state does not at all indicate problems in the relationship, give him time to gather his thoughts. If you want the question “What are you thinking about?” to hear the answer “Only about you, honey!”, then it’s time to take off the rose-colored glasses.
Outsiders. Try not to “wash dirty linen in public,” it is acceptable to discuss problems only with the closest people. Gossip does not adorn anyone, and your man will be unpleasant to learn from third parties about the problems that should have remained between you. Spare your partner the constant presence of your girlfriends and endless stories about other people’s personal lives.
Intrusiveness. Your desire to be near him all the time may not meet with approval. Everyone needs personal space. If a man wants to spend an evening with friends watching soccer – do not forbid it, find something to your liking and just relax from each other.
Tiring waiting. Do not make your man wait too long. It doesn’t matter what it is, a date or an answer to a question. Sure, you need to create intrigue and drama, but let it be appropriate. And remember, a three-hour wait in a cafe will drive anyone crazy, be tactful and punctual.

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