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How to flirt properly with a girl to make her like it

Flirting with a woman is a subtle art that not everyone has by nature. But if your jokes, jokes and flirtations seem to be crooked and failed not only to those around you, but also to you – do not despair. In this article I will explain what flirting means, how to start flirting with a girl, how to learn how to flirt beautifully – in messages, in poems and phrases by text message.

What is flirting
Do you know what flirting is?

Flirting is a game of words and understatement. It is a communication strategy when you intrigue a girl with hints of eroticism or a relationship, but you do it discreetly, so that she is left to guess and you have nothing to show for it.
Flirting often looks like manipulation. You lead the girl to a certain idea, trying to drive her crazy with ambiguity. But this manipulation from the small category of pleasant – both participants are usually satisfied with the game and the result.
Flirting is a pleasure. From improvisation, from the excitement, from the thrill and teasing each other. This must be remembered. The most important thing here is not the strategy, but the process and the overall thrill of it.
Girls love flirting – it turns them on. Guys love flirting for the opportunity to show charisma and manipulate and for the pleasure it gives the girls. His job isn’t to bog down with unintelligible innuendos and appear to be the main mystery in the universe, but to have fun and have fun with the possibility of getting more than a playful response in the end.
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How a man to flirt with a girl
The main and most enjoyable thing about flirting is walking the line, the feeling of understatement and the pleasure of being teased or being teased. There is always ambiguity in flirting that you want to think of in a pleasant way. That’s the job of a man – to know how to tease a girl, and to do it competently.

Speak in innuendo, give the girl a chance to think it up, but don’t stray into blatant vulgarity. “You eat fruit ice so professionally, it makes you want to check out how you handle other oblong shapes” is a bad example of flirting that sounds more like boorishness.
Intrigue, tease, but don’t overstep the bounds of politeness or walk on its edge. If you step over that line and say something offensive – a failed attempt at flirting can ruin the relationship or at least strongly alienate the girl.
It’s important not to let the girl lose her sense of security. Whatever you are hinting at, she should feel that she can stop it at any time, that it’s all a graceful game. If you act too assertively and don’t see her trying to stop you, she will distance herself.
The hardest part is to be both cautious and quite bold and decisive. There is a fine line here that can only be caught with experience and empathy: imagine how you yourself would react to your words, evaluate their offensiveness and try not to overreact.

How to flirt in real life
Competent flirting is different from poorly veiled below-the-belt jokes and is designed to hint to a girl that you are interested in her. To do this, use a winning combo when communicating live with a girl: body language, subtlety, and teasing.

To hint not only with words, but also with your body language, do this:

Gesticulate with your hands. This will make your speech brighter and more expressive, causing a more vivid reaction from the girl. Don’t close your hands on her chest, so as not to look withdrawn.
Lean towards her, try to be physically close. Make her feel close. But do not go overboard: do not violate personal boundaries and do not deprive a sense of security.
Maintain your posture. This will give you a more confident look, which will help you be more convincing in any behavior with the girl.
Maintain eye contact. Show that you are completely focused on the girl. So she will listen to you more attentively, and the look also great conveys emotion.
Smile. This shows that you are awake, friendly and in a good mood. Just what you need to play convincingly to even the most discerning girl.
A girl and a guy walking.

Sensitivity refers to paying attention to the girl and her reactions. The ability and willingness to stop if she does not like something, and trying on all the lines to avoid being offended and not to say something unnecessarily barbaric. And also to pay attention to the girl and show her that she’s special.

Teasing is the same taunting and understatement, ambiguity. When you leave the girl a little confused: she seems to have noticed the hint, but is it just a hint? Compliments on the verge of trolling are also a typical type of teasing.
Flirting with a stranger
Flirting with a stranger is dangerous because you don’t know her reactions. But it’s also not a girl you know and care about, which means losing her over a mistake isn’t as scary. You won’t know if you like flirting with strangers until you try it. It is very important to create a first impression. You will immediately get a stranger’s favor if you have a nice perfume. Choose a fragrance in the online store of Rive Gauche (there are also regular promotions) and go ahead to conquer the hearts of ladies!

We show you sample phrases so you understand how to act:

Does Megan Fox know she’ll never look as cool as you do in that dress?
Oh, what a gentle creature. Won’t the thorns come out if you touch it?
Good morning to the most charming girl in Arkhangelsk!
Girl, you should be more careful … So dressed, that on the roads, by which you’ll pass, solid accidents will be!
Do you know the easiest way to impress a guy who fell in love at first sight?
Girl, help me out: there’s not enough light in my life. Walk with me for 15 minutes – you’re glowing all over, you’re not sorry.
Would you like some coffee? You don’t? Good for you. Let’s go straight to the restaurant for a date.
Flirting with a girl you like
With a girl you like, you should be more careful. But you can also add courage – she knows you and can trust you, and not be afraid of unexpected playful phrases. Here it’s important to think through what to say when meeting with a girl. If you know you are not a master of compliments – think through the first line beforehand. And be sure to use the Astro7 service to find out how your chosen one feels about you!

You look like you’re about to conquer the directorate of Gazprom today.
Aren’t you afraid of making the goddesses angry with your appearance?
How long have I known you, and I had no idea you could look so feminine.
Today is obviously the most beautiful day I’ve ever known you.
You look so stunning today – all you need to complete the package is a gorgeous boyfriend. I can help.
You know what the coolest guys and girls do on Friday nights? Don’t make plans for the next one, and I’ll show you.

Flirting by correspondence
This type of flirting is easier because you have the ability to think through messages and respond at a convenient time. In addition, it’s easier to confuse your interlocutor when there’s no nonverbal component to the dialogue. It’s harder for her to guess the message you’re sending when she can’t hear your voice intonation, or see your facial expressions and gestures.

I show you how to flirt correctly in social networks and dating sites.

Be an interesting conversationalist. She’s not looking at you and decides for herself whether to answer or not, so if the conversation becomes boring or will be like that from the start, you have zero chance.
Give more emotion. Since you can only express them in writing, use emoticons, exclamation points, gifs, and pictures, if the platform you’re using allows it. But try to avoid messages with more emoji than text.
Give compliments. Optimally once an hour or so. This will pique a girl’s interest and motivate her to communicate further. But remember that they need to be sincere.
Be a little mysterious. People in general and girls in particular are curious creatures. She will be pleased to “puzzle out” you, to get to some truth, to make something up or to find out.
Take the initiative. Suggest topics of conversation yourself (we told you what to talk about with a girl in this article), but don’t overdo it: your messages should not be more than hers.
Write competently. Avoid spelling and punctuation errors. You can avoid speech errors too – you’ll be the king of grammar and flirting by correspondence 🙂
You can also read an article about how to fall in love with a girl by correspondence.

With a stranger
Dare to flirt virtually with a girl you don’t know – see how it goes.

I don’t bite. Unless it’s required.
Guys have a hard time talking to gorgeous girls like you. But then again, should that be your problem?
What a beautiful thigh-length dress top you have in the picture! Where’s the bottom of it?
Try not to faint until I see you. It will be harder to catch you from afar.
You make me look better.
I don’t know what to say to make you like me. Let’s pretend everything has been said and move on to more interesting topics? Preferably over a cup of coffee.
Beautiful eyes like yours are a sin to ever close-even at night.
On your page one can rest from any sorrow in the world. It’s just a talent – to be able to lift people’s spirits with your photos.
Young lady, what else is great about you, besides the photos and the hobbies you describe?
I do not understand why the site does not enter the tag “queen of the site. Your page lacks it.

With a girl you know
With a girl you know, you can be a little more confident in real life and in correspondence: she knows you and guesses what to expect.

What’s your favorite berry? I’m guessing something sweeter. Strawberry? 🙂
You’re so perfect, both in your appearance and in your studies. Don’t you have any juicy secrets? Everyone does something naughty 😉
Marvel’s Wonder Woman doesn’t know how to be a real wonder. I guess you could give her a lesson or two.
If you could go on a date with the perfect guy, where would we go?
Anyone who sees you in the morning gets a bigger boost of energy and good cheer than coffee.
Got curious about what the world’s most charming girls do in the evenings. Will you quench my thirst for knowledge?
If I were a traveler in the desert, I’d rather see you than an oasis.
How not to flirt
Flirting is a very loose, improvisational, and intuitive thing. But it also has a few taboos.

I give you a list of things you shouldn’t do so you don’t stumble and ruin the game:

Be boring. It ruins everything at once. Boring flirting is simply not possible.
Causing too much fog. A girl should see you as an intriguing mystery, not as an unsolvable puzzle.
Be rude.
Hint at vulgarity – at least until the relationship is strong and lasting, when vulgarity turns from a taboo topic to a racy one.
Pressure on the girl.
Hint at her shortcomings about which she may have complexes. This is more likely to push her away than intrigue her.
Respond too quickly.
Go from hints to direct statements of desire – at this point the flirting ends.
Experiment on the best dating sites to find your optimal way to flirt and learn how to do it on the fly with any girl – familiar and unfamiliar. The more practice, the better the skill!
Tell us in the comments:

Are you scared to start flirting on your own, or are you more afraid you won’t be able to navigate the process?
Do you manage to enjoy it at all?
Do girls willingly flirt back at you?
Now go out there and practice! Good luck!

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