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How do you know if a guy likes you if he doesn’t talk like a partisan?

They say actions are more important than words. But we want words. Especially the ones about love. Unfortunately, boys rarely admit to girls even their sympathy. And we girls rack our brains, “I don’t know if he likes me.” Don’t break anything, but rather read. I will try to explain on my fingers what he means when he is silent like a partisan.

How to know a guy likes you: look at him carefully
Your point of reference is your body language. In a couple of minutes you will learn about him, if not everything, then a lot. Sign language is fluent in animals. It’s a language people use. Including you and him, the guy we’re about to expose right now.

Watch his eyes.
Whether you can see a reflection of the soul in his eyes is debatable. But signs of sympathy definitely have a place there. There’s no mystique. Ordinary chemistry. Endorphins make the look shimmering, warm and expressive. It is impossible to confuse this look with anything else. The “scanner” look. An overflowing desire to know you more and to get closer to you.

The second point is that he is “staring” or “gawking. We always stare especially at what we like. As often as possible and for as long as possible. Think of a sunset or a new smartphone – it’s impossible to take your eyes off. Of course, if we’re talking about a shy guy, he won’t look carnivorous. He’ll be sneaky. And drop his gaze to the floor when your gaze crosses. Which, in general, also eloquently says – the fuse.

Watch his gestures.
Gestures will tell you something about his soul other than his eyes. Let’s talk about some of them. And you want to know more about it – read the book by Allan Pease, “Body Language in Love.

Speaking louder than usual. It was the females who forced the males to speak up. Picky and picky, it was the only way to get through to them. Ever since, if a male wants to please himself, he demonstrates his strength, loudness and sweep.
He makes sudden movements. As for swinging, this is also a signal from the field of primitive instincts. Think of mating games in the animal world. To attract the attention of the female, the males throw themselves into a dance – they move sharply and actively. In the human world, the mating dance can be evidenced by waving hands, twitching feet, and shaking heads.
He assumes advantageous poses. He cares what you think when you see him. He wants you to think, “Oh, what a man. And for this, you know, you need to straighten his back, straighten his shoulders and pull his stomach in. That’s what he does when he sees you in the doorway.
He’s demonstrating the groin area. Everything here is transparent and clear. He acts on your instinct to breed and procreate. He can fiddle with your belt buckle. Or put his thumbs behind his belt. Or he can sit with his legs stretched out and leaning over the back of a chair.
He does not know where to put his hands. Or he juggles the phone. Or scratching the back of his head. And then he puts his cheek to his side. It’s called sublimation. Releasing inner tension by redirecting energy. What kind of tension we’re talking about, read Dr. Freud.
He’s as silent as a partisan, but he can’t control his body. The familiar, the unfamiliar, the promiscuous, the modest, the characterless, the strong-willed – all are equally helpless before the will of nature, which does its best to unite our bodies for the sake of reproduction. And we continue our conversation.

Behavioral Psychology: Signs that a guy likes you
Meaningful “staring” and primitive communal gestures aren’t everything a guy who hypothetically likes you is good at. If everything described below adds up, it’s time to make a guy fall in love with you.

“Moses” eyes. Catch in your way much more often than the theory of probability suggests. And if you are somehow connected by a common location (together studying, working) – you see him more often than your reflection in the mirror.
Initiates contact. Finds a million excuses to appeal to you: “What do you think…”, “Can you tell me…”, “I need your advice…”. Guys in general are not chatty people. But not until Cupid’s arrow pierces their heart. And here we go.
Interested in you. In continuation of the theme of not talkative people – his intense interest in your person: “How are you feeling?”, “What are you dreaming about?”, “What are you doing? And tomorrow?”.
Trying to help. So what if he’s on the opposite side of town. He’s ready for a ride. And Mom. And lend her money. No problem. If it’s not in kindness, it’s in kindness. Or, more often, with both.
He touches. No matter how the object of our observation pretends to be, he cannot resist the urge to touch you. So regularly shakes off the dust, removes eyelashes, adjusts hair and scarf. Or simply comes closer than is customary between people who are indifferent to each other.

A million likes: how to know if a guy likes you by correspondence
No looks, no kinesthetics. Online is a different story, in which some things can be understood only by correspondence. Let’s discuss its nuances. Pay attention to…

Who is the initiator. It’s one thing for a guy to rush, stumbling, to text you “Hi” as soon as you show up on the site. It’s another thing when communication happens, even if it’s fun, at your initiative.
How often do you communicate. The busiest guy, if he likes you, will find two minutes a day to text you a few phrases. Anything else is an excuse that doesn’t speak in your favor.
What you communicate about. Is he interested in you or just the standard phrases about the weather and the latest news? Does the guy who likes you talk about you (to get to know you) or about himself (to show you).
Which way you’re going. A guy who likes you will gently but unobtrusively push the subject of meeting. Hint that correspondence won’t be enough. In any case, correct. Ready to communicate until you are mature.
Perhaps the only thing you should not take to heart – the likes of the photo. However, if you like every photo except the ones of you and your ex, that’s also a signal.

It’s just getting started: how to know if a guy at school likes you
Age adjusts men’s manners slightly. Your classmate or a student in another class-someone who goes to the same school as you-will behave just like the young men we talked about above.

He’ll stare at you, too. The bold one – at point-blank range. The shy one is sneaky.
He tries to touch you. He may pull your pigtail or run a pen.
Trying to impress you. At any cost. Can go to extremes.
Gives you a colicky sense of humor. Alternatively, he trolls viciously.
Demonstrates talent and ability. No doubt about it, he’s a hero.
He tries to be helpful. He can write an essay, and not just one.

A lot, of course, depends on the boy. One of them’s a hard-ass. The other goes around and around until graduation. This is not a cost of age, but a feature of our human character.

Astrologers’ opinion: the signs of sympathy for the zodiac signs
Astrology has its own opinion on this issue. To trust this opinion or not – a personal matter. Life experience shows that the stars will not advise bad things.

How to know that the Aries guy likes you
In expressing his sympathies Aries is not ceremonious – proclaims them assertively and aggressively. This hunter does not wait for a convenient or suitable opportunity. Take the bull by the horns at the start, saving you from having to guess at the coffee grounds.

How to know if a Taurus guy likes you
But Taurus is a silent nature. Coffee grounds come in handy here. Or turn on such an option as intuition and listen carefully to what she tells you. Try to show a little initiative. Taurus “turns on” to flirting when they see the green light. If, of course, feel sympathy in this direction.

How to know if a guy likes a Gemini
Multifaceted and fickle – that’s our Gemini. His behavior changes like the weather. Conclusions are difficult to draw. However, if you noticed the manner of punctuality, dandy and bursting from all the cracks of unpredictability – Gemini probably interested in you.

How do you know if a Cancer guy likes you?
This, too, do not get it right away. That sticky as a sheet of bath water, then disappears from sight. Cancer – a peculiar people, but they unravel easily. First of all, interested Cancer begins to study you – ask too many questions. Secondly, turns on the option of hyper-caring. Nice and convenient, what can I say.

How to know if a Leo guy likes you
The Leo guy who likes you is characterized by caring. Not expensive gifts that Leo due to wastefulness willing to give everyone he meets. But if he spends time on you and provides care – then yes, there is something to talk about.

How do you know if a Virgo guy likes you?
Being a critic of anything and everything, this guy and the object of sympathy communicates in a sarcastic tone. Do not be surprised if you hear a comment about being overweight or bad dress. And give away his innermost feelings burning eyes, a keen desire to help you and call at any time of day.

How do you know if a Libra guy likes you?
Libra “palet” intensified interest in his own appearance and uncontrolled excitement when communicating. In fact, that’s all. Any active steps in your direction this hesitant nature will not do. Try to take the initiative into their own hands and see what happens. Reaching out to meet – there is room to move.

How to know a Scorpio guy likes you
This guy is a pro at controlling feelings. As long as he does not want to, his innermost thoughts will not give out. However, he is not without weaknesses. The object of sympathy Scorpios always tries to cause a strong emotional response. Even negative. Provocation is his signature style.

How to know that the Sagittarius guy likes you
See the goal, do not see the obstacles – this is the motto of Sagittarius. Being a straightforward and sincere person, quite quickly let you know that the current goal is you. You won’t languish in the unknown for long.

How to know if a Capricorn guy likes you
And this one is a tough nut to crack. He is reserved and not very verbal. But if long and expressive looks in the eye, listens very carefully and regularly appears where you are – reason to suspect him of indifference.

How to understand that the Aquarius guy likes you
He has a wide circle of buddies and friends with whom this companionable soul loves to hang out. And if something went wrong – for example, your acquaintance doesn’t go as usual to the club, but calls you and chats until midnight – it sure speaks volumes. Maybe even love. Be prepared in the near future for surprises that will turn your way of life upside down.

How to know if a Pisces guy likes you
Even if he’s head over heels in love, he won’t let on. But the romance will flow from the ears. Maybe read a poem. Or sing songs with a guitar. And in between, get to know you completely. Just breathe you. But of course, he won’t let on.

What do all these guys have in common? They change. Some change globally. Some change locally. But every single one of them stops being the same. Because instincts are stronger than will.

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