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Good questions for a guy: about life, about love, about sex

Is it true that a person can be identified by facial expressions, gestures, or, for example, lines on the hand? Nonverbalism does reveal the mystery of the human soul, but it’s much more convenient, easier and faster to talk. About life, about love, about sex. Ask questions, get answers, analyze and try it on. Nothing complicated. Except that the question can be so uncomfortable that it becomes a stumbling block instead of a tool of knowledge. Let’s talk about the right and inappropriate questions to guys.

Ask him yourself: questions for a guy to get to know him better
Match means to ends. If the gay dream – march Mendelssohn, about the attitude towards a threesome and blowjobs do not ask. At the same time to hold an inquisition on the intriguing you, but very narrow topic – at least myopic. Take the general and wider – about hobbies, goals, dreams. And casually drop by – about family, kids, infidelity. And most importantly – do not pressurize erudition, even if you are a spanner in the head. Man must feel equality, and better – the superiority. However, and here we need a balance. Sometimes playing dumb – a good thing. To be a chronic fool – is already an amateur.

Get to know each other through board games. Modern board games are not like dominoes or bingo. We recommend that you buy the game “for two” to have fun, learn something new about your partner and add fire to the relationship, because the games can be quite savory. Our personal shopping list for couples: “Do you dare?”, “In Love”, “Adult Tower”. Spend an unusual evening and your partner is sure to remember it for a long time!

Here are some questions to ask a guy to discern his inner world or just to fill an awkward pause in the conversation.

What is the ideal relationship for you?
Should a woman give in to a man?
What’s really annoying about girls?
What sets you apart from other guys?
What title would you give your book of life?
What do you dream about and aspire to?
What do you like most about yourself?
If making a movie, what would it be about?
What kind of movie role would you like to play?
The ideal woman – what is she like?
What do you value most in people?
Would you like to live forever and why?
What are you most afraid of?
What can lift your spirits?
When you win a million dollars, how will you spend it?
How do you feel about a healthy lifestyle?
Tell us about a highlight from your childhood?
What are your gastronomic preferences?
Tell us about yourself in a few sentences?
What would you take with you to a desert island?
Any hobbies/hobbies-what are they?
Tea, coffee or other in the morning?
How do you prefer to vacation?
How do you feel about romance?
Biggest accomplishment?
Does love have a short life span?
How do you see your family?
What can’t money buy?
What books do you prefer to read?
What movie has had a strong influence on you?
Who is your authority figure?
Do you consider yourself an introvert or an extrovert?
Do you compromise or do you push your own agenda?
What could cause you to break up a relationship with a girl?
If you could choose a superpower – which one?
If you could choose a historical era, which one?
What do you think about the future of humanity and the planet?
Name three qualities that greatly annoy you in people?
Name the qualities of a girl you couldn’t get along with?
What are you most dependent on?
What do you do when you are stressed?
Do you believe in a strong family bond?
Can you forgive cheating?
Tell us about your plans for the future?
Do you think people change?

Take it to the next level: questions that will help you get closer
They say a relationship is work, and it takes work for both of them to have happiness, love and orgasms for everyone. The other question is, what is it like to work on a relationship? One thing that strengthens the bonds of the heart is a heart-to-heart dialogue. That moment when you can and should step out of your comfort zone and talk about the burning issues – the underlying resentments and unrealized desires.

Want to know how you feel about your lover? And what the future holds for you? There is a sure-fire way – a reading on the Tarot. The first consultation is free. Reveal all the secrets and do not guess the motives for his actions!

Here are a couple of questions, honest answers to which will help you develop and deepen communication with your partner.

What can I do to make you feel more comfortable with me?
What can I do (but don’t do) that you enjoy?
Is our sex life completely satisfying for you?
How can we diversify our sex life?
Are there sexual desires I don’t know about?
What kind of touching do you like and what kind of touching don’t you like?
How do you feel about pornography/masturbation?
What domestic issues depress you the most?

Do you need more personal space?

What problems can I help you with?
How would you like to rest after a day at work?
What are my actions and words that offend you?
Is my care and attention enough for you?
Are you worried about something from the past?
What questions of mine irritate you?
What experiences are causing you stress?
What do you find hard to talk to me about?

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